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Culpeper Regional Airport – Annual AirFest

“The Cruisin For Heroes Team is the welcoming group for the spectators of our annual Air Fest.  Each year they bring something new to entertain and enlighten the crowd.  Not only do they showcase some of the most beautiful automobiles around but they bring clowns and "Transformers" and smiles all the way.  The Fisher House Charity also goes hand-in-hand with our quest to highlight Veterans at our shows.  This relationship is a win, win for us!”


“It is hard to sum up in a few short blurbs all that you do for our show.  Thank you again.”
Tanya B. Woodward, C.M.
Culpeper Regional Airport

Vietnam War Museum –  Display

“I want to thank the “Cruisin For Heroes” group for participation in the Vietnam War Foundation and Museum’s July 3rd and 4th Open House.  Your team members, with their vintage cars, added a whole new level of opportunity for our visitors to experience the 1960 displays and artifacts.  We look forward to other joint ventures. ”

Dick Thompson

VP, Vietnam War Foundation

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